The Solomon Organization strives to embody the entrepreneurial spirit that has been its hallmark since 1977. At the Solomon Organization, our people are our #1 priority. We exceed our residents' expectations by consistently improving our people, our processes, and our overall performance. Solomon’s Guiding Principles & Values unite our company as a family and serve as our compass for long-term continued success.

Solomon Life

People First

People Centered, Team Focused

Our employees are the keystone to our success. We provide the resources and opportunities to continually grow, contribute and succeed. Together we work to solve problems, maximize our strengths and achieve better results.

Have a Sense of Urgency

Act NOW; there is no time like the present!

Results Oriented - Work Smart to Create Productivity

A constantly changing environment allows us to work smarter, and become more efficient. We outperform our competitors by valuing action over process. We reward our people for adapting to change and achieving great results.


We value new ideas, efficiencies and improvements to create better business.

Act with Integrity

We champion honesty and authenticity in every action we take.

Lead By Example

The Solomon's values start with every action we take, starting with the person in charge.

Marshall's Law

It's never wrong to do the right thing.

Think Big, Act Small

It's a marathon, not a sprint. Have a big picture view of life, and take all the small steps necessary to get the big results. We are in this for the long-run. Have patience and do things the right way.

Share Knowledge & Take Educated Risks

Sharing knowledge and expertise allows the company to grow organically and productively. Be a student and a teacher. Confront new or difficult situations, weigh the upside vs. the downside and consult with the team to make the best decision.

Have Fun!!

We enjoy our hard work but make sure to live, laugh and celebrate.